Sa Comuna

Communal property belonging to all residents of the municipality, has an area of 789 ha. approximately 1,111 “cuarteradas”. The mountain of “Sa Comuna” has had an important social and economic function. In 1906 it consisted of 716 hectares, produced an annual income of 6,140 pesetas and was valued at 475,000 pesetas. The exploitation was that of the pine forest, firewood and pasture. The City Council auctioned the forest exploitation, hunting and pastures every year. These rents allowed to undertake public works and to reduce the fiscal pressure on the inhabitants of the town. Forestry exploitation was active until the seventies of the twentieth century. At present, about a hundred “colls” are auctioned among the inhabitants of Bunyola for hunting with “filats”. The current use is mainly recreational: walking, running, climbing, MTB and other regulated activities. Protection figures have been created to conserve the ecosystem that forms the forest so that there is a balance between human uses and wildlife. The forest is included in the Sierra de Tramontana Natural Park and the permitted uses are regulated by a regional management plan.

Nature, tradition,
adventure and landscape